Moelis Access Science Program

Moelis Access Science works to improve science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education in grades K-12 in urban public schools in West Philadelphia. Our goal is to reinforce and make effective the core structure of existing STEM curricula by emphasizing professional development, classroom support, and the mindful adaptation of hands-on activities and inquiry-based strategies.

Philadelphia Education Fund: Math + Science Coalition

The Philadelphia Education Fund recognizes effective practices that address its goals, coordinates and aligns current efforts, identifies gaps and collaborates to fill these gaps. It facilitates collaboration that will add value to efforts of the partners.

Philadelphia-Camden Informal Science Education Collaborative (PISEC)

The Philadelphia/Camden Informal Science Education Collaborative (PISEC) was formed in 1992 when four major Philadelphia informal science institutions-The Franklin Institute, the Philadelphia Zoo, The Academy of Natural Sciences, and The New Jersey Academy for Aquatic Sciences-joined to conduct research and outreach projects in support of family science learning.

Metromath: The Center for Mathematics in America's Cities

MetroMath is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary effort involving faculty with expertise in mathematics, urban education, mathematics education, cognitive science, urban studies, psychology, and educational policy.