Be on the lookout

Working with a light sensor watcher, students may continue to use the timed stack components used in the ZZforever program. In other words, students ignore the function input serves in a decision branch. They use a sensor watcher, but they do not allow input to dictate behavior.

The program ZigZagDark illustrates this point.

Here is an example of what some do:




In this program, Roverbot will zigzag when its dark (range set for 20-40) rather than when there are alterations of light and dark.



The LEGO Group

What you can do: Show students the programs StopAt2 and StopLight, Transparency #7.

Ask students which program theyd use if they wanted their robot to move forward while its dark. Have them explain how the programs are different from each other.


Note: Depending on your robot, you may need to change the timing on the single motor blocks in the sample program.


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