Going Independent



Allow enough time for students to solve the problems or to come up with their own problems to solve. Encourage students to take light measurements using the View button to help them set the thresholds of what would be considered as dark or bright areas. In all the problems, the basic idea is that the program watches for changes in light readings. It then uses these changes to direct the flow of the program.




Problem from student activity sheets: Write a program to make Roverbot stop when it gets to the white paper on the floor.



RCXamples: Here are some sample solutions.

Using the Repeat While or the Repeat Until Stack Decision Makers provides yet another set of solutions.


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Problem from student activity sheet: Make Roverbot move on the table and stop at the edge. (Robot life-saving suggestion: when you try out your program, be prepared to catch your robot. Remember that programs rarely work on the first trial.)


RCXample: Having a robot move on a table and stop at the edge is a variation of the above problem. The idea here is that as soon as the light sensor is over the edge of the table (Roverbot is still on the table), it gets a light reading from the floor rather than from the table. Usually this reading is lower than the one obtained from the table’s surface.



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Problem from student activity sheets: Connect two light sensors to two long connector wires. Write a program that will let you use the light sensors as remote controls to “take Roverbot for a walk.”

Hint: Color one half of a small index card black. Leave the other half white. Use it to change the input the program is receiving. This is easier to do if two people monitor the light sensor, each responsible for one sensor.

RCXamples: Taking Roverbot for a walk using a “remote control”. Here students can either use a flashlight to control the robot or a small card with black and white areas they can point at the light sensor as needed.

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RCXtras: If appropriate, ask students to program Roverbot to follow a light, so that if they flash a light at it, it would follow the light, otherwise it would turn.  

Here are some sample solutions:


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