Going Independent



This is a good time to have students use the newly acquired programming commands and concepts. We recommend allowing students to come up with their own problems to solve or to work on the challenges suggested in the student activity sheets.

It is important for all the students to write a program, instructing M. Pathfinder to go toward a wall, hit it and go backwards (not necessarily back to the start line). This is going to help them understand the function and advantage of using a touch sensor in the following session.

RCXamples: Here are some sample solutions to some of the problems from the student activity sheets.


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Here are some sample solution programs instructing M. Pathfinder to move forward toward a wall, hit the wall and then move backward. The amount of time it has to move forward before it hits the wall has to be determined empirically.



After this set of activities, students will build a new robot. Be sure to have at least one M. Pathfinder assembled for a demonstration in the “Working with Touch Sensors” activity. After the demonstration, you can take it apart.



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