Going Independent




This is a good time to have students use the newly acquired programming commands and concepts. Allow students enough time to experiment with Wait Until and Sensor Watcher commands, making Roverbot respond to input.

RCXamples: Here are some sample solutions to the problem of going and stopping as a result of responding to touch input.

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RCXtras: If appropriate, give students additional challenges. Here are some examples with  sample solutions.

1.    Make Roverbot move forward then reverse direction when the touch sensor is pressed and beep when it is released.

Note: Following the next set of programs, the motors stay on because there is no command block that turns them off.

2.    Make Roverbot spin clockwise then change direction when pressed.

3.    Make Roverbot move forward, wait for the touch sensor to be pressed then beep and stop all activities.

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