Note on Materials

There are several ways to connect Lego™ motors to a battery without connecting to the RCX.

We will describe two: 1) using a stripped connector wire, and 2) using wires with alligator clips.

Stripped connector wire: Since kits don’t come with extra connector wires, you will have to purchase an additional wire separately. (The Pitsco Lego Dacta online store——offers small packages of connector wires (sometimes bundled with a touch sensor). To prepare the wire, cut the brick from one end of the wire, separate the wires along their midsection for a length of about 2 inches, and then strip about ˝ inch of each wire (see first illustration below).

Wires with alligator clips: Another way would be to obtain general purpose electrical wires and 2 alligator clips (Can be found in hobby or electronics stores.) You will need 2 wires, each about 1 ft. in length. Strip both ends of each of the wires. Connect an alligator clip to one end of each wire. Use the clips to connect to an intact Lego™ connector wire as illustrated below. Be sure to connect the clips on the bottom of the brick so that the clips touch the metal part of the brick and the clips don’t touch each other. It’s best to attach the clips on non-adjacent corners (on the diagonal).


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