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Ted Abel
Molecular mechanisms of memory storage; molecular basis of sleep/wake regulation.

Dorothy Cheney
Social behavior and communication in animals (especially nonhuman primates), animal cognition

Marc Schmidt
Encoding of complex motor behaviors; auditory/motor integration; neural basis of vocal learning

Computer and Information Science

Norman Badler
Computational models of action, language and graphics

Chris Callison-Burch
Statistical machine translation, data-driven paraphrasing, crowdsourcing

Kostas Daniilidis
Visual motion analysis, calibration and reconstruction methods for telepresence and augmented reality

Susan Davidson
Semantics of databases, bioinformatics

Jean Gallier
Logic and computation, programming language theory, automated deduction

Aravind K. Joshi
Mathematical and processing models of language

Sampath Kannan
Computational biology, graph-theoretic algorithms, randomized algorithms

Michael Kearns
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computational Game Theory, Spoken Dialogue Systems, Social Aspects of Computing, Network Security and Cryptography

Mitch Marcus
Natural language processing, corpus-based and statistical models for NLP

Ani Nenkova
Natural language processing

Benjamin Pierce
Programming languages, type systems, concurrent and distributed programming

Val Tannen
Databases, Logic and Computation, Bioinformatics, Programming Languages

C.J. Taylor
Computer vision to control mobile robots, recovering 3D models of rigid scenes from images

Lyle Ungar
Machine learning, computational genomics

Electrical and Systems Engineering

Daniel Lee
biological information processing, adaptive artificial sensorimotor systems

Daniel Koditschek
Robotics; application of dynamical systems theory to intelligent mechanisms

George Pappas
control theory, hybrid systems, embedded systems, hierarchical and distributed control systems

Barry Silverman
Human behavior modeling and simulation; synthesis of best-of-breed descriptive models into an integrated cognitive, emotive, and social agent; serious games


Gene Buckley
Theoretical phonology; phonology-morphology interaction; Native American and Ethiopian linguistics

Robin Clark
Syntax, mathematical linguistics, learning theory, semantics

David Embick
Morphological Theory, Syntactic Theory, Language and the Brain

Anthony Kroch
Formal syntax, modern and historical Germanic syntax, statistical patterning of syntactic usage

Jianjing Kuang
Phonetics, laboratory phonology, prosody

William Labov
Speech perception and production, category formation

Julie Anne Legate
Syntax, morphology, language acquisition

Mark Liberman
Phonetics, prosody, natural language processing, speech communication

Rolf Noyer
Theoretical phonology, morphology, morphosyntax

Donald Ringe
Historical linguistics, Indo-European, morphology

Gareth Roberts
Language evolution, language variation and change, cultural evolution, experimental semiotics, social interaction

Gillian Sankoff
Pidgins and creoles, language change/development

Florian Schwarz
Semantics, pragmatics, semantic and pragmatic processing, eye movements in reading

Meredith Tamminga
Sociolinguistic cognition, language variation & change, experimental psycholinguistics, and quantitative corpus linguistics

Charles Yang
Language acquisition, language change, computational linguistics, morphology, psycholinguistics


Peter Freyd
Category theory, logic, and mathematical semantics for computation

Andre Scedrov
Logic, mathematical foundations of programming structures, proof theory, categorical semantics

Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics

Katherine Kuchenbecker
Haptic feedback, motor control, robotics

Vijay Kumar
Robotics, dynamics, motor control

Neurology, Neuroscience, & Bioengineering

Geoffrey Aguirre
Cortical organization for visual perception and recovery of visual function

Danielle Bassett
Complex Systems, Network Science, Computational Neuroscience, Systems Biology, Dynamical Systems, Soft Materials, Behavioral Network Science

Gershon Buchsbaum
Image coding and analysis by the visual system

Anjan Chatterjee
Cognitive neuroscience of spatial language, attention (spatial and temporal), and visual aesthetics

Yale Cohen
Understanding the representation of auditory information in the cortex, how auditory information is integrated with cognitive processes, and how auditory and visual information is combined to form unified sensory percepts

H. Branch Coslett
Human spatial cognitition, reading, semantic memory, studied with neurological patients, functional imaging and transcranial magnetic stimulation

Steven Eliades
Neural basis of vocal communication, sensory-motor integration, vocal/speech motor control in humans and animals, cochlear implants

Maria Geffen
Multi-neuronal processing of natural sounds in the auditory cortex, the effect of emotional learning on auditory perception, and the role of specific cortical neuronal types in processing of complex sounds

Joshua Gold
Neural basis of perceptual decision making and perceptual learning in non-human primates

Murray Grossman
Cognitive processing in aging and neurodegenerative conditions: language, short-term memory functioning, and executive control; functional brain imaging

Brian Litt
Epilepsy, implantable neurodevices, brain-computer interfaces (BCI), machine learning and statistics, computational modeling, network neuroscience

Operations and Information Management

Steven Kimbrough
Cognitive models for directing behavior in strategic interaction (games), agent-based modeling, induction and ampliative inference, and concept representation, especially as applied to text mining


Elisabeth Camp
Philosophy of language (especially pragmatics and non-literal language use), philosophy of mind (especially non-human animal cognition, perception, and non-propositional thought), and aesthetics

Gary Hatfield
Philosophy of psychology, perception and cognition

Susan Schneider
Philosophy of cognitive science (including philosophy of mind), metaphysics, and philosophy of science

Scott Weinstein
Logic and computational learning theory

Michael Weisberg
Modeling methodology, evolutionary theory, philosophy of science

Physics and Astronomy

Vijay Balasubramanian
structural and functional aspects of the organization of sensory systems, organization of cortical circuitry

Philip Nelson
stochastic modeling; computational neuroscience; multielectrode recording


Jonathan Baron
Decision processes, moral judgment

David Brainard, IRCS Director
Human vision, machine vision, and computational modeling of visual processing

Delphine Dahan
How adults represent and access the words they know;
mapping of sound forms onto lexical representations

Russell Epstein
Visual recognition and spatial cognition in humans

Martha J. Farah
Cognitive neuroscience, high level vision

Henry Gleitman
Learning, memory, language and cognition

Lila Gleitman
Language and language acquisition

Joseph Kable
Psychological and neural mechanisms of human decision-making

Michael Kahana
Human episodic memory for verbal, visual and spatial information

Jacob Nachmias
Visual perception (psychophysical/computational approaches to spatial vision)

Nicole Rust
The neural processing underlying invariant object recognition and visual working memory

Robert Seyfarth
Animal communication, cognition, and social behavior; primate vocalizations and their relation to human language

Saul Sternberg
Human information processing, visual memory, timing, skilled action

Alan Stocker
Computational perception and cognition

Daniel Swingley
Word recognition and lexical representation in infants and young children

Sharon Thompson-Schill
Cognitive neuroscience, functional neuroimaging, memory and knowledge

John C. Trueswell
Language processing, eye movements in reading, visual perception

Deena Weisberg
imaginative and scientific reasoning in young children and adults


Dean Foster
Machine learning, natural language processing, statistics

Visiting Scholars

Thomas Francois
Readability of French as a foreign language using natural language

Anna Papafragou
Linguistic theory, language acquisition and conceptual development; cognitive science

Researchers and Lecturers

Ann Bunger
Language acquisition and processing; event representation; syntax-semantics-cognition interface

Alistair Isaac
Philosophy of Psychology (especially perception and psychophysics), Cognitive Science, History and Philosophy of Science, and Bounded Rationality (especially probabilistic models of bounded agents)

Stephen Isard
Computer speech synthesis and recognition

Stephen Judd
Robot vision, complexity theory, number theory, network science

Seth Kulick
Biomedical information extraction, syntax & Tree Adjoining Grammar

Justin Mott
Lead Annotator/Technical Assistant, English Treebank projects; Annotation Consultant, Arabic treebank

Eleni Miltsakaki
Natural language processing; Penn Discourse Treebank; anaphora resolution; discourse connectives

Beatrice Santorini
Syntax, phonology, linguistic structure

Georgia Zellou
Experimental acoustic and articulatory phonetics, laboratory phonology, and psycholinguistics.


Christine Boylan, IGERT Graduate Trainee
Cognitive neuroscience, language and communication

Emily Bray
Animal cognition and behavior with a focus on dogs

Sarah Johnstone
Lexical representation and lexical semantics, sentence comprehension, and the relationship between static lexical representations and real-time, incremental language interpretation

Andy Gersick, IGERT Graduate Trainee
Social influences on animal behavior and cognition; responsiveness of non-human communication systems to changes in social and environmental context

Jennifer Gillenwater, IGERT Graduate Trainee
NLP; machine learning

Constantine Lignos, IGERT Graduate Trainee
Computational models of language acquisition, cognitive modeling, computational linguistics

Sarah Maguire, IGERT Graduate Trainee
Neurobiology and evolution of vocal learning in songbirds

Emily Pitler, IGERT Graduate Trainee
Computational linguistics; machine learning

Carlos Santana, IGERT Graduate Trainee

Language and philosophy of mind; animal communication and cognition

Isaac Schamberg
Evolution of social behavior and their genetic correlates using a non-human primate model, the gelada

Kobey Shwayder, IGERT Graduate Trainee
Phonology, phonology-morphology interface, algorithmic and computational modeling of linguistic (especially phonological) processes