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Christine Boylan, IGERT Graduate Trainee
Cognitive neuroscience, language and communication

Emily Bray
Animal cognition and behavior with a focus on dogs

Amy Goodwin Davies
Morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, psycholinguistics, lexical processing, autism, language impairments

Jennifer Gillenwater, IGERT Graduate Trainee
NLP; machine learning

Duna Gylfadottir
Language variation and change, psycholinguistics, phonetics, language processing

Sarah Johnstone
Lexical representation and lexical semantics, sentence comprehension, and the relationship between static lexical representations and real-time, incremental language interpretation

Sarah Maguire, IGERT Graduate Trainee
Neurobiology and evolution of vocal learning in songbirds

Emily Pitler, IGERT Graduate Trainee
Computational linguistics; machine learning

Carlos Santana, IGERT Graduate Trainee
Language and philosophy of mind; animal communication and cognition

Isaac Schamberg, IGERT Graduate Trainee
Evolution of social behavior and their genetic correlates using a non-human primate model, the gelada

Kobey Shwayder, IGERT Graduate Trainee
Phonology, morphology, and the phonology-morphology interface